NEPP Earthquake
Preparedness – Apartment

This session is for the apartment/
condo dwellers – who have unique
challenges when preparing for
emergencies or disasters. Living in
Vancouver, we could be faced with
an earthquake – yet few of us take
the steps to ensure we are
prepared. This session will ensure
you and your family are prepared. It
covers what is required to develop
your emergency plan, how to
conduct a Hazard Hunt and what to
do when an earthquake strikes
when you live in an apartment.
Please pre-register.

Instructor: City Of Vancouver NEPP
Tue Jul 24 7:00-8:30pm
171023 Free
Bidwell Room

Mindfulness Meditation

A beginner class for those new to mindfulness
meditation or wishing to refresh
their practice. Also welcome those have
difficulty calming the mind or simply
curious about it. Mindfulness meditation
improves inner peace, health and quality
of life while relieving stress, anxiety
and depression. Also it slows aging. Info:

Instructor: Sung Yang
Mon Jul 16-Jul 16 7:30-9:00pm
170886 $15/1 sess
Denman Room