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Drawing and Watercolour

In this course, you will discover how the combination of drawing and watercolour painting can enhance the beauty of your artwork. Exploring the aesthetics of these two techniques together while working on subjects of landscapes, figures, and flowers. Throughout the course, you will experiment with various textures, lines, tones, lights and shadows, as well as linear and atmospheric perspectives to create many wonderful pieces. No Class Apr 27, May 4,25. Instructor: Mohammad Atashzad Visit:

Instructor: Mohammad Atashzad
Sat Apr 6-Jun 29 2:00-4:00pm
210753 $199/10 sess
Meeting Room 2

Watercolour Painting

This program will give you the chance to learn to apply watercolour painting by exploring the medium’s full potential. Learn to use water, paper, colour, and brushes to create an endless variety of tones and atmosphere in your painting. We will focus on landscape painting techniques and studies of nature (flowers). (Supplies are not included, supply list available upon registration).Mohammad Atashzad has over 30 years experience in teaching drawing and painting at his own Atashzad Academy of Art. Also, he has been teaching different art programs at several community centers in Vancouver from 2011. He has published more than 500 watercolour paintings, such as greeting cards, posters, albums and books. Drop in $25.00. No Class April 25. Instructor: Mohammad Atashzad Visit:

Instructor: Mohammad Atashzad
Thu Apr 11-Jun 20 6:00-8:00pm
213151 $199/10 sess
Bidwell Room

Painting and Drawing

You have to learn how to sketch before you learn how to paint. In this class focusing on the fundamentals of composition, Edouard Beaudry will give you tools that will enrich your visual vocabulary which in turn shall improve your paintings. This wonderful class aims to give you greater understanding of proportions and fine tune your perception by drawing from observation. As we progress through the exercises, we will focus more on colour and personal projects. Materials not included but they will be provided on the first class.

Instructor: Edouard Beaudry
Tue Apr 16-Jun 18 6:00-8:30pm
210714 $169/10 sess
Meeting Room 1

Oil Brush Painting

This course is for participants who have some previous experience with oil painting. During the five 21⁄2-hour sessions some special techniques such as Chiaroscuro, Grisaille method and painting on black gesso will be experienced. The students will also learn how to paint on special materials and subjects such as copper, china, clear glass, grapes, onions cut lemons etc.

Instructor: Ali Sepahi
Sun Apr 28-May 26 10:15am-12:45pm
210718 $79/5 sess
Bidwell Room

Palette Knife Oil Painting –

Palette knife painting is relaxing and enjoyable. The bold strokes of the knife make the painting attractive and give it a modern look. Moreover, it results in high intensity colors not attainable by brush painting. The course will consist of five 2.5 hour sessions at the end of each, a painting will be finished. Supplies not included.

Instructor: Ali Sepahi
Sun Jun 2-Jun 30 10:15am-12:45pm
210719 $79/5 sess
Bidwell Room

Color Mixing Bootcamp

Are you tired of mixing mud? Frustrated trying to capture a specific color? This half-day workshop can help. You’ll learn basic fundamentals of colour mixing, plus lots of tips and tricks. You’ll take home a simple colour wheel to remember concepts, and greater confidence when you paint. We’ll work in either watercolours or acrylic paints. Paint is supplied, but please note the other materials you need to bring.

Instructor: Lori Sokoluk
Sun May 12 12:00-3:30pm
218479 $56/Person
Barclay Room

Dipping Into Watercolor

Explore the beauty and freshness of painting in watercolors in this introductory workshop. You’ll come away with a solid foundation in all the key watercolor skills, and will produce some lovely floral, landscape, and abstract paintings. Each student will take home one finished art card and a painting matted and ready for framing. This workshop is perfect for absolute beginners or those looking to strengthen basic watercolor skills. No experience necessary, all materials provided.

Instructor: Lori Sokoluk
Sat Jun 8-Jun 9 10:30am-3:30pm
213161 $125/2 Sess
Barclay Room

Acrylic Painting Experimental

Explore painting in a fun and relaxed way in these experimental painting workshops. Create inspiring work even if you’re a beginner with the caring guidance of Art Coach, Chloe Ulis. Chloe has her degree from Emily Carr, 9 years of teaching experience and 20 years paint- ing experience. Learn palette knife painting, drip & splatter painting, impasto, mixed-media, collage, or create your own unique project! Enjoy demonstrations & one-on-one coaching & pay a smaller fee if you bring your own supplies. Visit shops & call Chloe at 604-805-5622 if you have questions. Please bring art supplies listed at front desk. Please inform Chloe if you’d like to pay the extra fee to add paint & brushes and bring a sketchbook and an 8”x 10” canvas to each workshop. No Class May 30.

Instructor: Chloe Ulis
Mon May 13-Jun 3 2:00-5:00pm
208253 $169/3 sess
Mon Jun 10-Jun 24 2:00-5:00pm
208256 $169/3 sess
Denman Room

Still Life and Perspective

In this course you will learn how to draw basic still life shapes, such as cubes, cylinders, cones, spheres, and other objects in perspective. Explore using cone of vision to avoid distortion and learn how to determine vanishing and measure points. In this class you will expand your knowledge of proportion, composition, tone, value, texture, form, light and shadow. Supplies are not included. Supply list available upon registration. Instructor: M. Reza Atashzad Visit: Drop in $25
No Class April 25.
Instructor: Mohammad Atashzad
Thu Apr 11-Jun 20 1:15-3:15pm
213140 $199/10 sess
Denman Room


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