Creative Arts

Explore Creative Writing

This workshop-style course gives
you a chance to try out several
types of writing: articles, stories,
poetry, drama, etc. The activities
are designed for enjoyable
participation and for the
development of skills in writing
dialogue, descriptions, about
characters and settings. Instruction
will also include tips on creating
plots, choosing points of view and
working with different structures.
You will be encouraged to develop
your own ideas and to discover
your own creativity. Have fun
finding out how to shape your
story/poem/play and get it ready to
send to a publisher. No Class Aug 6.

Instructor: Dianne Maguire
Mon Jul 9-Aug 20 7:00-9:00pm
170360 $106/6 sess
Meeting Room 2

*NEW* Start Storytelling
from Prompts

Do you love a good story? But you haven’t
a single idea how to start writing one?
Are you a writer who has run dry of ideas?
This is the all-day workshop for you.
Dianne Maguire brings a range of ideas
and prompts to get you started telling
good stories again. This workshop covers
finding suitable prompts, brainstorming
the possibilities, and developing the plots
for stories and novels. Only an ability to
imagine, pen and paper or a laptop are
required. Bringing your lunch for the midday
break would be a good idea, too. By
the end of the day, you will have several
ideas you’ve started to form into stories,
on the page or in your head.

Instructor: Dianne Maguire
Sat Jul 7 10:00am-4:00pm
170865 $66/Person
Meeting Room 2

*NEW* Poetry as Fun

Experience writing poetry as a fun activity!
Play with words, create images and invent
bold or frivolous ideas. Writing poetry can
be about using your widest thoughts as
an entertaining way to express yourself.
Unleash your inner poet to say what’s on
your mind, without using rhyme, meter or
classic formats? Unless those poetic forms
come naturally to you. Bring lunch, pen/
pencil and paper for a day of amusement.

Instructor: Dianne Maguire
Sat Aug 11 10:00am-4:00pm
170866 $66/Person
Meeting Room

Digital Photography In One Day

Learn the basic and most important
settings on your digital camera including:
exposure modes, aperture, shutter
speed, depth-of-field, white balance,
flash, and ISO. This one-day class includes
a comprehensive set of class notes and
a field trip in the neighborhood. Please
bring camera with instruction manual.
Please note: course is best suited for
digital cameras with manual exposure

Instructor: Jo Ann Kronquist
Sat Aug 4 10:00am-4:00pm
170861 $66/Person
Barclay Room

Darkroom: Introduction
to the basics

In the Introduction to the basics course,
students gained fundamental skills in film
processing and print making using traditional
black and white materials. In this
course, the aim is to move beyond the
mechanics of these processes and augment
the students skill set allowing them
to gain more control over their artistic
vision. Topics that will be covered are:
exposure index, film/developer combinations,
film developing techniques, dealing
with challenging negatives, advanced
printing skills and presentation.The
course requires additional materials,
which will cost between $50-$100. A list
will be provided at the beginning of your
first class. You will also need to have a
working film camera and an exposed roll
of black and white film (excluding Ilford
XP2) in either 35mm or 120 format for the
first day of class. Please make sure to test
the camera you are planning to use.

Instructor: Benjamin Poulton
Thu Jul 12-Aug 16 5:30-9:30pm
170141 $250/6 sess
Dark Room