Information & Fact Sheet Re: 2021 Changes

The West End Community Centre Association (WECCA) is in the process of making some overdue changes to the management of our in-house pottery studio to comply with the terms of our legal contract with the Vancouver Park Board (VPB), known as the Joint Operating Agreement.

We hope that the following information will clear up any misunderstandings with regard to the future of both the pottery studio and the West End Pottery Club and its members:


  • The guiding principle for our pottery studio and all programs at the West End Community Centre is accessibility and inclusiveness.
  • The WEPC members and all our patrons will have fair, equitable and reasonable access to our pottery studio. WECCA operates the pottery studio with the goal of providing the broadest access to the community, offering both classes and open studio time to the greatest number of users possible.
  • The WEPC is an independent body and WECCA has no oversight regarding the Club and its operations.
  • Access to WECCA’s pottery studio by Club members and members of the public continues to be available. All such use must be in compliance with the legal requirements of our Joint Operating Agreement with the VPB, signed in 2017.
  • Anyone who wishes to use the pottery studio must register for WECCA’s pottery classes or for our pottery studio open sessions, or enter into a rental agreement with the Association . The key change to previous practices is that large blocks of time are no longer available for casual “drop-ins” for WEPC members.
  • All registrants while on the premises will be supervised by a West End Community Centre Supervisor or Contractor. “Drop ins” are not allowed.
  • The registration process for WEPC members and the general public is the same; through the City of Vancouver ActiveNet registration system. It is a first come first served process which allows for an inclusive and equitable opportunity for all.
  • In addition, should WEPC so wish, it may rent space within the West End facility for social events for the Club. Such events are subject to our standard terms and conditions for all rentals.
  • All studio users will be supervised by a West End Community Centre supervisor or contractor when in the facility, the exception being studio renters with their own liability insurance.
  • At the time of this writing (August 6, 2021) WECCA has had two meetings with the executive of the West End Pottery Club (WEPC) to present these facts, explain the necessary changes, respond to their concerns, and work together to find the best way to accommodate both the WEPC and general public’s needs. We remain committed to further dialogue and collaboration.

We trust that this information clarifies for all our members and community stakeholders recent developments regarding the West End Community Centre’s pottery studio.

Yours Sincerely,
David Scott
President/The West End Community Centre Association

Linda Johnston
Chair / WECCA Arts Committee