Our experienced, qualified and caring fitness professionals are committed to getting you started and keeping you going in a fun and welcoming community environment. Whether you are exercising for health improvement, athletic performance or for the pure enjoyment of moving your body, we welcome all shapes, sizes and abilities.Though all are welcome, skill, experi-ence and fitness level as well as per-sonal preference make some classes a better fit than others. The following descriptions offer a brief outline of what you can expect in each class. no classes on Stat holidays* 90 min option 3rd Sunday of each month.


Please note our drop-in group fitness programs are temporarily suspended due to covid-19.



Class Descriptions

Low-Moderate Intensity

Adapted Fitness: Exercises are modified for mobility, coordination, strength and flexibility limitations.
Basic Fit offers a multi-level class introducing a variety of fitness styles and equipment.
Light Fit: A low impact workout including cardio, strength, balance and flexibility.
Older Adult: Safe, enjoyable and effective exercises designed for the active senior. Stretch and Strength: Suitable for all ages with focus on weight bearing non-impact strength moves and a com-plete stretch. A full core workout.

Moderate-High Intensity

Chisel Interval: This cardio vs. strength based class will chal-lenge your workout thresholds by shifting between short work phases of cardio moves (option on or off a step/platform) and strength & conditioning moves using a variety of equipment. All efforts will be rewarded with a lovely stretch at the close.
Athletic Interval Training: Non-choreographed high energy interval class uses a mixture of cardio and strength to make the most of your time.
Cardio Chisel: This ‘Get it Done!’ Express workout uses short bursts of cardio and power moves to maximize and challenge your strength and endurance.
Esprit de Barre: It is a Barre class! An all level practice on the ballet barre using authentic movements to tone and length-en the body with a strong focus on posture, core, legs and gluteals, and finishing with a deep stretch to help you achieve that graceful dancer’s posture and body.
Total Chisel: A workout to improve muscular strength – core stability and flexibility using dumbbells, resistance and body weight training.
Intermediate Step: This high energy class consists of 3 fun and differing combinations designed to get your groove on and increase your cardiovascular fitness. We will end the class with a good stretch. Some step experience is preferable but many options are shown for the beginner or someone coming back!
TBC: Tone – Balance & Core: A 3-component head-to-toe workout targeting all muscle groups using power moves to sculpt and strengthen – functional movements to increase ‘ground-up’ balance and core exercises to enhance posture – stability and flexibility.
Essentrics is a full body workout that rapidly changes the shape of your body through a dynamic and fluid combination of stretching and strengthening. This equipment free workout helps improve your posture and leaves you feeling energized, youthful and health


Yoga Fusion: a traditional yoga flow that challenges your core with Pilates exercises to improve your posture, balance and range of motion and enhance your sense of wellbeing.
Pilates Plus: A mixed level mat Pilates class occasionally using small apparatus to enliven and bring balance, tone and flexibility to the whole body.
JustYOGA: Hatha yoga is the physical branch of yoga and incorporates many styles. This class will explore the vari-ous styles, all of which unite the mind, body and spirit using movement to strengthen, stretch and calm the whole body, finishing with a meditative savasana.
Fusion Yoga/Pilates: A morning yoga practice, with a short Pilates section, for all levels, from beginner to advanced, to awaken the mind, body and spirit to begin a new week

Indoor cycling

Express Classes: 45 mins of cycling including a quick warm-up/cool down, designed to get your workout in and you on your way.
Rooftop Riders: An all level class with 50 mins of hills, drills and active recovery to improve cardio endurance.
Cycle Fit: 60 mins of riding with a longer warm up and cool down.
Cycle Fit*: 90 mins of cycling where endurance is the name of the game. 75-80 mins of cycling which includes an additional 10-15 mins cool down and stretch.
Cycle Core: 45-60 mins of cycling including warm up, fol-lowed by 30 mins of core training and a stretch.Cruise and Core: 45 mins of cycling with varying intensity and 15 mins of core training suitable for older adults

WECCA Fit Pass

  • Provides unlimited access to all WECCA Group Fitness and Indoor Cycling classes at both the West End CC & Coal Harbour CC.
  • More flexibility as you can load the pass on the OneCard.
  • Purchase the pass at any time throughout the season (prices will pro-rate).
  • Pass will expire at the end of each season (i.e. expires Jun 30 for Spring 2020 season).
  • 50% discount available to patrons on the Leisure Access Program (LAP); maximum of one discount, per person, per season.
  • Pro-rated refunds available for Fit Pass only, less $5.00 admin fee. Fit Pass is non-transferable and cannot be suspended. Note: Refunds are not available for the 10 Visit Pass.

Indoor Cycling Reservation Procedures

  1.  Call 604-257-8342 to reserve a bike, a spot may not be reserved by email.
  2. Calls can be made 6:00am-9:30pm Monday thru Thursday, 6:00am-8:30pm Friday and 8:00am-4:30pm Saturday and Sunday.
  3. For afternoon and evening classes call the day of the class.
  4. For early morning classes call the day before.
  5. Check in at the front desk 10 minutes prior to class.6. If you have not checked in 10 minutes prior to your class you will lose your ride7. You may reserve a bike for yourself and 1 other person.