WECCA Celebratory Mural Special Project


The West End Community Centre Association has received funding to add four murals to the Denman Street facility, three on the exterior walls and one in the interior. Noted Vancouver artist John Ferrie has been contracted to paint the murals and, to get things started,

He is currently leading participants in a series of visioning sessions with four age groups to inform the content of the murals. The interior panel may be produced on a panel that could be re-mounted in the new centre facility, expected to be completed in the next ten to fifteen years.

Each mural will be created in consultation with four age groups: preschoolers two to four years old; elementary school children five to 12; high school youth from 13 to 18; and folks who identify as seniors.

The first visioning sessions with children took place in August, with more to come. Stay tuned! Mural designs will be done early in the New Year, painting will start in March and the Completion Celebration event will be at the end of April, 2022.


Project Details
The Centre wanted to undertake a project which would directly involve members of the West End Community who had been particularly hard hit by the pandemic.  It is hoped that through participating in developing the themes and content they will think about and reflect on which aspects of their community are important to them and make positive impact on their lives. The completed murals will provide life and colour to large areas of grey concrete in a heavy pedestrian traffic area.   The interior mural may be produced on a panel which could be a legacy of this project and be re-mounted in the new Centre facility expected to be completed in the next 10-15 years.

COVID-19 has had serious impact on the lives of children and seniors. This project is intended to:

  • provide a positive outlet for creative expression, and
  • assist those involved with a venue and medium to process their response to this period.

WECCA will engage children, youth and seniors to develop four murals for the Community Centre’s interior and exterior locations.

Each mural represents one of 4 groups in the community centre’s programming mandate:

  • Preschool-Aged Children – 2 to 4 years old
  • Elementary School-Aged Children – 5 – 12 years old
  • High School-Aged Students: 13 – 18 years old
  • Seniors – as they self determine.
    • Professional artist, John Ferrie has been engaged to
    • Attend vision sessions with each group
    • Produce the final mural designs, and
    • Undertake/Supervise the painting of the murals
  • King George High School students will be invited to record video footage of the project and produce a short documentary.
  • Members of the Centre’s dark room club will be invited to document the project in still photography (B&W and colour).
How can you help? Become a sponsor
Please support the West End Community Centre as we work with the children, youth and seniors in our community to paint four murals on and in our facility. The murals will celebrate our resilience and illustrate how living here has assisted in getting us through a difficult time.

$500 Create the Vision And – be recognized on our website, in our program, in our social media and at our completion celebration

$1000 Paint the walls And – be recognized on our website, in our program, in our social media, on our commemorative plaque and at our completion celebration

Become a Supporter
$50 Canada goose
$100 Raccoon
$150 Blue heron

* All supporters that donate $20 or over will be issued a tax receipt and have the option of having their names listed on our website and will be mentioned at our completion celebration.


Contact us for more information and to get involved at westendcc.@vancouver.ca