Barclay Manor / Valentines Day Murder Mystery

Community Centre Valentine's day celebration

Love in many disguises – St. Valentine’s Blesses Two Troubled Souls.For a tearful love story and an intriguing murder to solve. Join long-time mystery producer, Trevor Jenkins, this coming February 12th. St. Valentine’s touches both Link Lemus and Marcie Mel when both find each other at the murder scene of a noted banker robber, Cole Hand. Not one is without motive to have killed him in the Barclay Manor garden the other night and neither find it easy to reveal their true intentions. You, the sleuth goer and lover of love stories, are welcome to share their tale. In the end, love and truth will prevail but at a cost of both of them. An array of Valentine’s desserts and treats await your palate along with boxes of exciting gifts and prizes to be won.

Instructor: Trevor Jenkins

Tue Feb 12 6:30-8:30pm
199544 $10/1 sess
Piano Room – Barclay Manor