Mystery of the Severed Pumpkin

Join long time mystery producer Trevor Jenkins and dare to enter the Barclay Manor this Hallowed Eve. Two suspicious characters join the audience but one is the Grim Reaper on a most deadly mission. No one is safe! One of
our characters may not leave. You can try to save them. Catch the Reaper before it’s too late. Participate or sit
back and enjoy a theatrical show complete with bags of goodies to eat and a cauldron full of prizes to be won. See
you there.

Instructor: Trevor Jenkins

Tue Oct 8 6:30-8:30pm
237446 $10/1 sess
Piano Room at Barclay Manor

Murder Mystery on the Christmas Express

Mystery producer Trevor Jenkins presents an intriguing murder mystery set in the Barclay Manor, a train stop
for the Christmas Express. While the audience gathers so do two characters, each waiting for the train to arrive.
One is here to kill and the other is their victim. Against the joyous holiday back drop complete with gifts, stocking stuffers and Christmas carols lurks one with evil intent. Come, catch the predator before they strike. A table of delicious Christmas treats and colourfully wrapped prizes awaits your pleasure.

Instructor: Trevor Jenkins

Tue Dec 17 6:30-8:30pm
237448 $10/1 sess
Piano Room at Barclay Manor