Barclay Manor / Summer Murder Mystery

Summer Murder Mystery 2019

Summer Murder Mystery

“A WEDDING TO MURDER FOR” Welcome lovers of Agatha Christie fashioned murder mysteries set in an English drawing room ambience. The Barclay Manor provides the backdrop this summer for newlyweds prior to their honeymoon but, alas, all is not well. This marriage by design features Liam Brangan to Patty Lane. Unfortunately, a marriage with an ulterior motive. One will discover that hate is akin to love and only one will live while the other will fulfill the meaning “till death do I part”. Enjoy professional theatre where you may interrogate and question the characters.Treat your palette to a table full of summer treats and foods while contesting for boxes of surprises, gifts and presents.

Instructor: Trevor Jenkins
Tue Jul 16 6:30-8:30pm
225758 $10/1 sess
Piano Room at Barclay Manor