Frequently Asked Questions: Room Rentals at Barclay Manor


Who can rent rooms?

Based on availability, anyone can rent rooms for private functions as long as no admission fee is charged and no money is exchanged on site. Please note, the sale or promotion of goods, services, religious beliefs, or political beliefs is prohibited without written permission from the Recreation Supervisor. If you are interested in teaching a class, program, workshop, seminar, or activity, we cannot accommodate this through a room rental; please submit a program proposal to the community centre front desk.

How late into the evening can I book?

You can rent any of the rooms up until 1am. However, all guests must be out of the building and all clean-up must be completed by 1am.

How do I rent a room?

Once you have determined your rental needs, phone or email the rental coordinator with the details. We strongly recommend you see the facilities in person before booking. The rental is not confirmed until full payment (including the damage deposit) is received and the rental agreement is signed. Read all regulations on the rental agreement before signing.


Can I serve food?

Yes, you can serve food and personal catering can be brought in. The community centre does not provide the following: food or beverage services, coffee urns, linens, place settings, cutlery, serving utensils, or kitchen items. No cooking of food is allowed in the building; reheating by microwave only. The stove is not allowed to be used.

Can I serve alcohol?

Alcohol may be served with a valid special occasion license. This license must be posted near the bar area at the event; visit the BC Liquor Store website for more information. The primary person responsible for serving the alcohol during the event must have a valid Serving it Right certificate. Visit the Serving It Right website for more information.

What equipment is available?

Various tables and chairs are available at Barclay Manor. The use of tables and chairs is included in the rental price.

Who is responsible for set-up and clean-up?

Set-up and clean-up is the responsibility of the rental group. This includes all tables and chairs. A full clean-up includes: stacking all tables and chairs in their original positions; sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming the floor; taking out all garbage, recycling, and compost; and cleaning any counter area. Rental groups are permitted to decorate the room, provided the decorations don’t damage or mark any surface. No decorations can be hung from the ceiling or light fixtures, and all decorations must be removed at the end of the rental. Please note the total time booked must include time to set-up and clean-up.


Other than the room rental fee, what are the additional costs?

Prices are subject to tax and to change without notice:

Damage Deposit: A $200 or $500 damage deposit may apply depending on the scope of your rental event.

Extra Staffing Cost: $21.91/hr. This is applicable when, but not limited to: supervision beyond regular hours of operation, extra supervision during hours of operation, or additional clean-up required after rental. There is a minimum staff charge of four hours for rentals happening outside of facility hours.

The Copyright Board of Canada requires us to collect music royalty tariffs if music is being played or performed during your event. The fees are dependent on room capacity and if there is music only or music and dancing. Please visit SOCAN and Re:Sound for more information.
SOCAN Fee (without dancing): $20.06
SOCAN Fee (with dancing): $44.13
Re:Sound (music only): $9.25
Re:Sound (music and dancing): $18.51

What method of payments do you accept?

You may pay over the phone with Visa or MasterCard or in person with the rental coordinator by Visa, MasterCard, debit, cash, or cheque (if paying by cheque, allow 10 working days for bank clearance prior to the rental). Cheques are to be made payable to the West End Community Centre Association. The rental is not confirmed until full payment, including the damage deposit is received and the rental agreement is signed. Prices are subject to change without notice.

When do I get my damage deposit back?

Following the completion of the rental and the deduction of any applicable related costs, such as extra clean-up, missing or damaged equipment, late leaving, excessive noise, false alarms, etc., the remaining damage deposit will either be returned by cheque through the mail two (2) weeks after the event date, or if payment was made by credit card, returned to the original credit card two (2) weeks after the event date.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation requests must be received in writing and require a minimum of fourteen (14) days’ notice to receive a refund of fees paid, less a $50.00 administration fee. Cancellation requests received within fourteen (14) days of the rental will result in a forfeiture of the damage deposit.


Can I promote my event using the Barclay Manor name?

Not without specific written permission from the Recreation Supervisor. Promotional material may refer to Barclay Manor as “a rented community hall at 1447 Barclay St.”

When can I gain access to the room on the day of my event?

You can gain access to the room at the start time listed on your rental agreement—no exceptions. The total time booked must include time to set-up and clean-up.