The West End Community Centre Association (WECCA) is a not-for-profit registered society and a registered charity.

If you would like to help WECCA provide programs and services to the communities of the West End and Coal Harbour by way of charitable donation.


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WECCA Donations Policy - As Adopted April 6, 2021
Introduction: From time to time the West End Community Centre Association(WECCA), a registered charity, receives donations from individuals, estates, businesses, and other registered charities. This policy applies to all of these donations.

Donation Types: Donations may be of a monetary or in-kind(supplies and services)nature. Monetary donations are recorded on WECCA’s financial record. In-kind donations are not included in WECCA’s financial statements.

Tax Receipts: WECCA will issue tax receipts for all monetary donations in excess of $20. These receipts will comply with CRA requirements. For donations of$250 or more WECCA will recognize the donor on its website and/or other appropriate marketing material.

Obligations:All donations are accepted without any obligation on WECCA’s part with respect to the Donor.

Purposes & Use: Donations are accepted for both general purposes as determined by WECCA and for donor specified programs or projects which are under the auspices of the Association.

Exclusions: WECCA will not accept any donation that is made with the stated or implied purpose of influencing WECCA’s policies or governance practices, or donations from a municipal, provincial, or federal political party, organizations promoting or campaigning for a political candidate or party, businesses or organizations whose primary purpose is the sale or promotion of tobacco, cannabis, or alcohol products, or organizations whose purpose or activities may be deemed, at the discretion of WECCA’s Board of Directors, to be potentially controversial or entailing a conflict of interest by either the organization or the Association.

If you require more information please contact WECCA’s Office Manager at 604-257-8344 or email