Drawing Landscapes, Flowers & Figures

Mohammad Reza Atashzad
Thursday, January 11, 2024
Thursday, March 21, 2024
05:15 PM
06:30 PM
Bidwell Room at *West End Community Centre
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You will learn how to draw, shape and form images in perspective while creating compositional structures. We will explore topics including landscape, flowers, figures and more. Throughout the course, you will experiment with various textures, lines, tones, lights and shadows, as well as linear and atmospheric perspectives. (Supplies are not included, supply list available upon registration). Drop – In $25.Instructor: M. Reza AtashzadMaster M. Reza Atashzad has over 35 years experience in teaching drawing, painting and architectural design at his own Atashzad Academy of Art. He has also been teaching different art programs at several community centers in Vancouver since 2011. He has published more than 700 paintings, such as greeting cards, posters, albums, and books. Visit: www.atashzad.comSupply ListPencils- (HB, B up to 9B)Drawing BoardDrawing PaperSketchbookBlenders- (tortillon, stumps, or chamois cloth)Erasers- (kneaded eraser & stick eraser)Pencil SharpenerYou may find above materials in art supply stores such as Opus [opusartsupplies.com] ,DeSerres [deserres.ca], michaels [michaels.com] and others.

Mohammad Reza Atashzad
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