Toddler Language Classes


ESL for Kids (3-5 yrs)

Children will learn and practice English in a comfortable classroom atmosphere where the main focus is preparing for kindergarten. Practice phonetics, alphabet recognition, strengthen simple sentence structure and build vocabulary through learning activities, songs, books and homework. Christina graduated from SFU with a B.A. and received High Distinctions in her TESOL course in 2011. Since then she has enjoyed helping students of every level achieve their goals. Drop-in $15.00, if space permits.

Instructor: Christina Glover

Sat Apr 11-Jun 13 10:30-11:30am
271488 $96/10 sess
Sat Apr 11-Jun 13 11:30am-12:30pm
271489 $96/10 sess
Meeting Room

Wanpaku (3-5 yrs)

Do you want to learn Japanese? Spend the afternoon with Shinobu learning Japanese with other children in a fun atmosphere. Children will learn basic Japanese vocabulary. Must be potty trained. Drop-in $12.00, if space permits.
遊びを通じて楽しく日本語を覚えよう!ゲームに、お歌、本に、物語。まだまだ あるよ〜。さぁ、わんぱくチャン達集ま れ〜!

Instructor: Shinobu Preston

Fri Apr 17-Jun 12 11:15am-12:30pm
271700 $75/9 sess
Meeting Room

Happy Farsi

In this class children will be introduced to the world of imagination, happiness and social life through Farsi stories, books and children?s music. We?ll practice reading and writing Farsi in a fun and friendly environment. Join us in this happy environment for kids. Drop-in $10.00, space permitting.

Instructor: Mahtab Kashani

Thu Apr 9-May 28 4:15pm-5:15pm
271498 $78/8 sess
Activity Room


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