Kids Sports Classes


Open Gym

Our program will focus on introduction to play, rules and skills of sport. Warm up and practice drills will lead to a chance to work up a sweat in a fun game for the remainder of each session. Equipment will be provided. Drop-in $12.00, if space permits.

Instructor: to be announced

6-8 yrs
Tue Sep 17-Nov 19 3:45-4:45pm
239941 $60/10 sess
9-12 yrs
Tue Sep 17-Nov 19 4:45-5:45pm
239942 $60/10 sess
Gymnasium – Coal Harbour

Badminton Lessons (7-16 yrs)

Your child will learn the basics of badminton skills to be able to engage in fun, recreational play. For the session, your child will have time to practice and develop basic skills (hand/eye coordination, serves, basic forehand strokes, footwork, etc.) to be able to have fun with casual rallying. Individual teaching is provided
to help skill areas requiring further improvement.

Instructor: Derek Wong

Fri Sep 13-Nov 29 3:45-4:45pm
239975 $75/12 sess
Gymnasium – Coal Harbour

Basketball (6-13 yrs)

RainCity basketball focuses on skill development. We aim to improve and master the basic fundamentals before moving to more advanced basketball skills. Whether you are a beginner or not you will improve your skills with us. We offer a fun, inclusive, competitive, and engaging atmosphere for boys and girls and hope to see you on the court. Get better here. Drop-in $12.00, if space permits.

Instructor: Raincity Basketball Club

6-8 yrs
Wed Sep 11-Dec 11 3:45-4:45pm
239943 $140/14 sess
9-13 yrs (New Longer Time!)
Wed Sep 11-Dec 11 3:45-5:50pm
239944 $210/14 sess
Gymnasium – Coal Harbour

Soccer (7-11 yrs)

Your child will develop ball handling skills, coordination, a sense of team play, and will be introduced to the basic rules of the game. Children are advised to wear shin guards. Drop-in $13.00, if space permits. No session Oct 14, Nov 11, 2019.

Instructor: Manto (Makoto) Nakamura

Mon Sep 9-Nov 18 4:35-5:50pm
239892 $79/9 sess
Thu Sep 5-Nov 21 4:35-5:50pm
239895 $105/12 sess

Rhythmic Gymnastics (8-12yrs)

Rhythmic Gymnastics combines body movement skills with music and a variety of apparatus such as balls, hoops, scarves and ribbons. Rhythmic Gymnastics skills develop flexibility, strength, musical awareness and improve self-confidence. Sharing Show will be on the last class. Drop-in $15.00, if space permits. No session Oct 14, Nov 11, 2019. Aura Rhythmics’s Annabelle Kovacs, 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medalist, has represented Canada all over the
world. She has been a top-3 Canadian National Team member for 5 consecutive years, qualifying herself to two Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships. Aura Rhythmics has been the leader in the field of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Canada for over 25 years, delivering top results in every category of competition, from early future star beginners to top ranked Canadian National Team athletes.

Instructor: Annabelle Kovacs

Mon Sep 23-Nov 18 4:15-5:15pm
239938 $66/7 sess
Dance Studio


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