Kids Language Classes


ESL for Kids (5-7 yrs)

Learn English in a comfortable classroom atmosphere where the main focus is acquiring new language skills while having fun. Strengthen listening, reading, speaking and writing skills through learning activities, songs, books and homework that help build sentence structure and vocabulary. Also, learn Canadian expressions like ‘a piece of cake’: so easy! Expressions can be difficult for any ESL student to use properly, but when learned they help to naturalize ones English. Christina graduated from SFU with a B.A. and received High Distinctions in her TESOL course in 2011. Since then she has enjoyed helping students of every level achieve their goals. Drop-in $15.00, if space permits.

Instructor: Christina Glover

Sat Sep 21-Nov 30 11:45am-1:00pm
239979 $130/11 sess
Meeting Room


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