Ageless Yoga

This class is suitable for older
participants. Yoga poses,
meditation and relaxation will help
to improve your well being,
straighten your body and increase
your flexibility. Yoga will help you
to maintain an ageless body and
ageless mind. All levels welcome.
Drop-in $13, space permitting.

Instructor: Sandra Leigh DYT, DMT
Tue Jul 3-Aug 14 2:00-3:00pm
170993 $77/7 sess
Dance Studio

Gentle Yoga

All levels welcome. Gentle,
nourishing yoga classes, where you
will have the opportunity to
enhance your physical strength as
well as your flexibility. Each class
will introduce the simple messages
of contemporary spiritual teachers
like Deepak Chopra or Eckhatt Tolle
to help you lead a happier and
more fulfilling life. Drop-in $13,
space permitting.

Instructor: Sarah Murray
Free Trial Class
Mon Jul 9-Aug 20 7:15-8:15pm
170977 $65/6 sess
Multipurpose Room

Hatha Yoga – Beginner and Intermediate

This course is for the first time
student and for ongoing yogis.
Build your strength and flexibility.
You will learn many yoga poses and
different styles of Sun Salutations.
Each class starts with meditation
and finishes with soothing
relaxation. Drop-in $13, space

Instructor: Sarah Murray
Thu Jul 5-Aug 16 6:00-7:15pm
171046 $79/7 sess
Multipurpose Room

*NEW* Weekend Flow Yoga

Start your weekend off right! Get energized,
balanced, and fully alive. Vinyasa
is a unique style of yoga linking postures
in a continuous creative flow integrating
breath with intention, movement, and
meditation. Designed for all abilities from
beginner to expert, move to your own
flow while being offered full guidance and
support. Come for the fun, meet some
yogis, and follow your bliss! Drop-in $14,
space permitting.

Instructor: Ian Hand
Free Trial Class
Sat Jul 7 10:45-11:45am
171123 Free
Sat Jul 14-Aug 18 10:45-11:45am
171127 $65/6 sess
Dance Studio

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