Adult Sport Classes and Groups



Smash and drive or just play badminton for fun! Scrimmage with different partners of varying skill levels in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Shuttles and racquets available. Non-instructional.No session Apr 13 and May 18.

Mon Apr 6-Jun 29 12:10-1:30pm
268569 $46.75/11 sess
Wed Apr 1-Jun 24 12:10-1:30pm
268571 $55.25/13 sess
Wed Apr 1-Jun 24 8:00-9:45pm
268572 $68.25/13 sess
Thu Apr 2-Jun 25 12:10-1:30pm
268573 $55.25/13 sess
Thu Apr 2-Jun 25 6:00-7:45pm
268574 $68.25/13 sess
Sat Apr 11-Jun 27 3:05-4:50pm
268575 $63/12 sess


Enjoy some friendly, exciting recreational basketball. Non-instructional. No session
Apr 10, Apr 13 and May 18.

Mon Apr 6-Jun 29 8:00-9:45pm
268561 $57.75/11 sess
Tue Apr 7-Jun 30 12:10-1:30pm
268562 $55.25/13 sess
Wed Apr 1-Jun 24 6:00-7:45pm
268563 $68.25/13 sess
Fri Apr 3-Jun 26 12:10-1:30pm
268564 $51/12 sess
Sat Apr 11-Jun 27 10:05-11:50am
268565 $63/12 sess
Sun Apr 5-Jun 28 3:15-5:00pm
268566 $68.25/13 sess

Adult Badminton Lessons

Have fun learning badminton whether you are a beginner or looking to improve your skills. Game rules and play are taught. Refinements of techniques are shown based on an individual’s skillset whether it’s serves, drops, smashes, or footwork. Individuals will feel confident enough in their play to join recreational drop-in sessions. Sorry, no drop-ins permitted for these lessons.

Instructor: Derek Wong

Fri Apr 17-Jun 19 4:45-6:15pm
271140 $90/10 sess


Get active playing this exciting and popular sport. Pickleball is an easy to learn game played on a badminton court with a lowered net, a whiffle ball and large hand held paddles. It is great for all skills and ability levels. Drop-in $5, space permitting.

Tue Apr 7-Jun 30 1:45-3:30pm
268585 $55.25/13 sess
Thu Apr 2-Jun 25 1:40-3:20pm
268586 $55.25/13 sess
Sun Apr 5-Jun 28 1:20-3:05pm
268587 $55.25/13 sess

Indoor Soccer

All skill levels are welcome but please note that this is a recreational setting. Players are expected to follow the Code of Conduct; those not adhering to the outlined policies will be asked to leave. Non-instructional. Drop-in $7, space permitting. No session Apr 13, May 18.

Instructor: David Madura

Mon Apr 6-Jun 29 6:00-7:45pm
268583 $68.75/11 sess