West End / Featured Class: Chair Yoga

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Chair Yoga is a unique class that modifies yoga postures through the creative use of a chair. Our class is open for all ages and stages of yoga and movement ability. A Chair Yoga practice is helpful to learn for many reasons, including for when you’re stuck at the office, on vacation (airplane/road trip sequence) or, if you could use a little extra support during standing and balance poses.

Chair Yoga welcomes you, whatever level you are at. You are welcome to bring your own yoga block or strap. The class will be located at the West End Community Centre.  No equipment will be provided except for chairs. Bring your own  filled water bottle. You are welcome to bring your own yoga blocks and straps. No class Nov 11/20.

Instructor: Irene Lugsdin

Wed Sep 23-Dec 2 12:00pm-1:00pm
282694 $47/10 sess