NEPP Earthquake
Preparedness – Apartment

This session is for the apartment/
condo dwellers – who have unique
challenges when preparing for
emergencies or disasters. Living in
Vancouver, we could be faced with
an earthquake – yet few of us take
the steps to ensure we are
prepared. This session will ensure
you and your family are prepared. It
covers what is required to develop
your emergency plan, how to
conduct a Hazard Hunt and what to
do when an earthquake strikes
when you live in an apartment.
Please pre-register.

Instructor: City Of Vancouver NEPP
Tue Jan 23 7:00-8:30pm
143104 Free
Bidwell Room

NEPP Earthquake Preparedness -Personal & Family

We all witnessed the earthquakes in
New Zealand, Haiti and Italy and
saw the devastation caused.
Vancouver was rocked with a
magnitude 4.8 earthquake serving
as a wakeup call – we too could be
faced with a massive earthquake –
yet few of us take the steps to
ensure we are prepared. This
session covers what is required to
develop your family emergency
plan, how to conduct a “Home
Hazard” Hunt and what to do when
an earthquake strikes.

Instructor: City of Vancouver NEPP
Tue Mar 6 7:00-8:30pm
143105 Free
Bidwell Room

Better Bidding
at Bridge

This course is for those that know the
game and want to improve their bidding;
duplicate players who want to
understand the finer points of Standard
American; or anyone who plays without a
system. We will cover the modern aspects
of Standard American, North America’s
most common bidding system. You and
your partner must be on the same wavelength
to play the game well, so bring the
people you play with! Some basic play
theory will also be taught and there will
be time to play a few hands after the formal
lesson. No Class Feb 12.

Instructor: Tony Burt
Mon Jan 22-Mar 26 7:15-9:15pm
138107 $85.50/9 sess
Stanley Court Room

When Love is Not Enough –
Speaking the Language
of Life

How is it that, despite experiencing the
love of another, we can still feel a sting
by what they do or say? Or feeling the
warmth and connection that comes with
love and caring for another, we sometimes
act or speak in a way that hurts the
other? Learning to speak a language of
life, learning how to speak the language
of compassion creates the opportunity
to connect with oneself and then with
another, and to do so in a way whereby
one gives from the heart. We will learn to
replace words that are hurtful to oneself
and to others with words that offer connection
and empathy.

Instructor: Zelik Segal
Thu Feb 1- Mar 8 6:30-8:30pm
145072 $60/6 sess
Meeting Room 2

*NEW* Do You Understand Your Toddler?

Come learn how to understand your toddler’s behaviour and help them with overwhelming emotions using an attachment-based developmental approach. Join us as we discover the new science of how our toddler’s brains are wired up, and how they mature. This talk will cover effective strategies on how to approach di cult situations such as tantrums using a whole brain approach, so you can enjoy the toddler years and have a calm, happy child.

Instructor: Bonnie Sylvia Davis
Tue Jan 30 5:00-7:00pm
139474 $27/person, $50/couple
Bidwell Room

Soap & Aromatherapy

The perfect combo class! Make soap with
nourishing ingredients from scratch. In
this hands-on class, make and take home
two different kinds of sopas, plus a finished
soap bar. Plus make six different
tub fizzers, an aromatherapy roll-on and
bath n’ body (massage) oil using a variety
of aromatherapy scents. Recipes for pet
soap, laundry soap and herbal shampoo.
Please bring a hand towel and shoe box
to class. All supplied included in course

Instructor: Cheryl Theilade
Sun Feb 25 12:00-4:00pm
146050 $42/Person
English Bay Room

Declutter Your-Self Talk

Are you critical in your self-talk? Learn to
declutter your inner speech and get rid of
old inner messages that no longer serve
you. We will explore tools to start speaking
to ourselves as a true best friend
would: with compassion and kindness.
This highly interactive time will use lots
of exercises, and a guided meditation so
we can learn to develop a loving inner
voice. Cost of Program includes a copy of
Maryse new book “Speaking to Your Self
with Love – Transform Your Self Talk”.

Instructor: Maryse Cardin
Sat Feb 10 12:00-4:00pm
145072 $55/ 1 sess
Stanley Court Room

The Original Message:
Making Spirituality Tangible

Join us for this unique opportunity to
engage in an explorative conversation on
discoveries about YOU and your Tangible
Connection to Spirituality in the science
(we know), and faiths we subscribe to.All
are welcome to Join, Listen and Share.
And of course it’s FREE (as Source Energy).
We hope to see you there. Curious for
further details? Please contact marrettg@ with any questions.

Instructor: Marrett Green, MSSC
Sat Jan 13 2:00-3:30pm
141733 Free
Sat Mar 10 2:00-3:30pm
141734 Free
Bidwell Room

*NEW* The Secrets of Healthy,
Connected Families

Parenting can be extremely challenging in
the first few years, especially if you don?t
have a clear vision or road map. Join us as
we learn 5 key principles that support a
more respectful, harmonious family life.
You will leave with the beginnings of a
Family Manifesto that can support your
continued growth and connection as a
family, and have fun while you’re at it.

Instructor: Bonnie Sylvia Davis
Tue Feb 27 5:00-9:00pm
139475 $50/person
Bidwell Room