Hawaiian Hula Dance (3-6 yrs)

Hawaiian Hula for children 3-6 years

In this program, kids learn the basic techniques of Hawaiian and Tahitian dance. Starting with warm-up and floor work, the class then moves into learning choreography routines for the last half of each class. Polynesian dancing is an exciting, and expressive form of dance that also gives children the opportunity to learn about the culture of the Polynesian islands. Drop-in $15.00, if space permits.

Instructor: Kelsey Rogers

Wed Apr 12-Jun 14 3:30-4:25 pm

104981 $76/10 session

Dance Studio
Coal Harbour Community Centre

Birds at the Shore

Birds at the Shore

May 6-13, 2017

This annual celebration is inspired by World Migratory Bird Day, a UN-sponsored initiative that recognizes the importance of birds as key indicators of our environment’s health and consists of events that celebrate Vancouver’s birds. The 2017 activities will include bird-related workshops, walks, talks, lectures, and art activities at community centres leading to the selection of the City Bird. All events are free. For more information go to www.vancouverbirdweek.ca