West End / An Intro to Personal Style and Branding

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An Intro to Personal Style and Branding

Are you frustrated with your job search? Is networking not working or new clients and referrals difficult to come by? Whatever you’re doing, either socially or professionally, others’ first impressions of you can literally make or break your success. Learn the skills you need to succeed such as: captivating your audience, improving your communications on & offline, and getting your emails answered. Find out why it’s more critical than ever to develop your own personal style brand to stand out from the crowd. Go beyond just getting noticed and be remembered!

Instructor: Jude Gorgopa,
reinvention consultant, multicertified coach, & Founder of Clout Et Cetera & The Fundamentals of Clout with over 20 years of international experience.
Sat Feb 18-Feb 25 1:00-3:30pm
87206 $65/2 sess
Meeting Room 3
West End Community Centre