Barclay Manor / Featured Class: Drawing to Learn

drawing to learn - barclay manor

Drawing to Learn – TEA: Think, Express, Action

What is your most valuable possession? your memory, of course? Use Drawing to Learn to harness your intuition and memory. The connection with your memory will be made through the mindful use of language, discussion and drawing to tell your story. Through TEA (Think, Express, Action) you will use the drawing tool as a probe to explore your knowing and memory, the unknowing. Drawing To Learn, is used as the thoughtful learning building process not so much as a drawing skill exercise. Participants will have the opportunity to join in the world’s biggest drawing festival, Living Lines.

Graham A. Brown, AOCA
Instructor: Graham Brown
Thu Jul 13-Aug 24 1:45-3:15pm
116133 $42/7 sess
Basement at Barclay Manor