Martial Arts

Chen’s Tai Chi: Introduction

This course focuses on core
concepts and training methods in
Chen’s Tai Chi, the original style of
Tai Chi. Practitioners are guided
through a structured program that
will enhance body awareness,
balance, and coordination, while
learning the introductory ‘18 Form’.
Suitable for all ages and fitness
levels. Drop-in $11, space

Instructor: CLF Kung Fu Club
Free Trial Class
Wed Jan 3 7:35-8:35pm
142581 Free
Wed Jan 10-Mar 21 7:35-8:35pm
142583 $99/11 sess
Dance Studio


Beginners welcome. Improve your
flexibility, condition your body and
discipline your mind in this fun and
eclectic sport. Capoeira is a game
played to music. Known as the
secret dance of Brazil, it is a display
of self-defense and is an excellent
workout for all ages. Wear loose
fitting exercise clothing. Drop-in $15,
space permitting. No class May 9.

Instructor: Julio ‘Rasta’ Monteiro
Free Trial Class
Tue Jan 2 7:15-8:15pm
141684 Free
Tue Jan 9-Mar 27 7:15-8:15pm
141686 $132/12 sess

Free Trial Class
Tue Jan 2 8:15-9:15pm
141685 Free
Tue Jan 9-Mar 27 8:15-9:15pm
141688 $132/12 sess
Multipurpose Room

Shotokan Karate

Karate is a Martial Art that develops
defensive skills, flexibility, fitness,
strength and coordination.
Traditional karate is practiced at the
club which has kata and kumite
finalists at National and Provincial
level. Instructor is a former Great
Britain international competitor and
the current BC coach and has over
30 years experience. See www. for more information.
Beginner drop-in $10. Advanced
drop-in $12, space permitting.

Instructor: Marc Williams 5th Dan
Tue Jan 2-Mar 27 6:35-7:35pm
Dance Studio $35/month
Tu/Th Jan 2-Mar 29 6:35-7:55pm
Dance Studio $79/month

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